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We are reserving 20 spots for our Masters of Marketing Series.

If you have a product, service or specialized knowledge to share we would love to feature you in our Masters of Marketing Series. Your offer must be geared towards helping business owners leverage the Internet for growth. And it has to be outstanding... Those are the ground rules.

Each show will be conducted interview style with John introducing you at the top of the hour with a lead in question to get you started. There will be 3 short commercial breaks of approx 3 minutes each taking place at 1:15, 1:30 & 1:45 the last segment will be your opportunity to make an offer to our listeners and we will wrap up at 1:55 with final thoughts thank you’s and exit track.

Offer will be directed to a custom link that will be set up for you and will be redirected through to your affiliate link you set up for us.


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After submitting your application please also email a head shot to go with your bio.
Should be clear and at least 350 X 350 pixels.
email to john @

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