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TetraPond AquaSafe Water Conditioner 33.8 oz.
TetraPond AquaSafe Water Conditioner 33.8 oz.
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: 32039
    Price: $14.95

    TetraPond AquaSafe

    Normal tap water contains chemicals and metals that can harm pond fish. AquaSafe® quickly neutralizes chlorine, Chloramine, and heavy metals.

    AquaSafe, a pond water conditioner, turns fresh tap water into "pond water" so fish and plants will flourish.

    Neutralizes chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals in tap water, and provides a light colloid coating to protect sensitive fish gills and membranes.

    • Eliminates chlorine and chloramines
    • Neutralizes heavy metals
    • Adds protective coating to help wounds heal

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