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We are the Nibiruans: DNA Recoding CD Set

We are the Nibiruans: DNA Recoding CD SetQuantity in Basket:none
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We are the Nibiruans: DNA Recoding Set

The We are the Nibiruans sets are a compilation of recordings based on the work of the 9D Nibiruan Council and Jelaila Starr.  The recordings cover a range of multidimensional topics including ascension, DNA recoding, universal history, starseeds, walk-ins and coming Earth changes.  This information is intended for those who are here to help humanity ascend and join the galactic community.

Ascension is the process of shifting our consciousness from that of a 3rd dimensional human to that of a galactic human.  To shift consciousness we must change our DNA.  This set contains information on how to realign, reconnect and activate (recode) your 12 strands of DNA.  This set includes:

CD4: The Nine Levels of DNA Recoding
CD9: Body Care for DNA Recoding 1
CD10: Multidimensional Training 101 (2 CD set)
CD11: Body Care for DNA Recoding 2
CD12: Multidimensional Training 102 (2 CD set)
CD26: The DNA Recoding Chart Instructions (2 CD set)
CD40: Using the Keys of Compassion in DNA Recoding
DVD9: DNA Recoding for Starseeds
DVD10: Living through DNA Recoding

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