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The Mission Remembered: Final Assignment, Set Three

The Mission Remembered: Final Assignment, Set ThreeQuantity in Basket:none
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The Mission Remembered: Final Assignment - Set Three
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The staircase of electromagnetic grids is in place around Earth. Ascension is assured, but a replay of the galactic events of our collective past still loom. Long foretold in ancient prophesy, they threaten much suffering for our world. This set covers the 9D Nibiruans' final assignment carried out in 2005, to alter or eliminate those prophecies by creating templates to help heal our ancient past.

CD33: 2005 and Beyond - The Seattle Template

On June 11, 2005 Jelaila, along with a group of dedicated individuals, created the template in Seattle, WA. This template furthered the healing work by creating a blueprint for the Carians and Liquidians. These two species were involved in our galactic past and their timeline is currently anchored in the Pacific Northwest where it will culminate in the long prophesied break up of the Pacific Northwest tectonic plate unless somehow changed.

Explore our galactic past with Jelaila as your guide. Experience template-making in action and learn how to anchor and hold grid points to stabilize specific areas of Earth through the coming earth changes. Discover the healing power of apologies, a key component in template making. Find out what’s up ahead and how you can remain safe through it all. (10 CDs - 12+hours)

CD34: 2005 and Beyond - The Colorado Springs Template

On July 16, 2005 Jelaila, along with a group of courageous and dedicated individuals created the template that will change the devastating outcome of another long-prophesied event; a Fake First Contact.

Experience template-making in action as the group works to create a blueprint for two very different races to heal their collective past. Learn about the Feline/Humans of Avyon and the devastating outcome of their "First Contact" with a group of androids known as the Andromedan Android Alliance; the same group that will figure heavily in the Global Elite’s proposed Fake First Contact scenario. (11 CDs - 12+hours)

DVD11: 2005 and Beyond - The Escondido Template

On November 11, 2005, Jelaila, along with a group of courageous and dedicated individuals, created the final template needed to alter Earth’s future. This template would help prevent a devastating tsunami off the Southern California coast sent compliments of China. This prophesied event would also be the latest in an ongoing galactic war between the Draconians and Humans that will soon play out on Earth as the war between China and the USA.  (5 DVDs - 9+ hrs.)

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