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The Keys of Compassion

Multidimensional Tools for Emotional Clearing, DNA Recoding, and Ascension

The Keys of Compassion Booklets Set (7)

The Keys of Compassion Booklets Set (7)Quantity in Basket:none
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The Keys of Compassion are seven booklets based on God Consciousness. God Consciousness is a higher level of spiritual knowledge that enables us to fully integrate the Light and Dark within us. When we are God-Conscious, we are compassionate beings. 

Applying the higher concepts and beliefs contained in the Keys lifts us out of victimhood, enabling us to reclaim our God-given power. Our lives become more peaceful, more
satisfying and much richer. Applying their processes and techniques enables us to clear our emotional blocks, releasing their negative energy, and transmuting them into compassion. Current conflicts are quickly resolved while health issues and other challenges are overcome. 

The Keys of Compassion are also the tools that can be used to clear and reopen our psychic glands thus re-establishing our connection with the higher realms. They also enable us to move through the 9 levels of DNA Recoding and ascend. 


This set includes:

  • The Formula of Compassion 
  • Contracts and Promises
  • The Divine Partnership Booklet
  • Hold on to Nothing and You'll have Everything
  • Dancing with the Dark
  • Agreements
  • Apologies

Create happier relationships, restore your health, change your life and achieve ascension through daily application of the Keys of Compassion!

“I have been working on the keys and have noticed great changes in the way people act around me. My husband said last night that he doesn't know what is going on," but people want to be around you, emulating you; they want to hear you as if you are filled with wisdom." Not bad insight especially from a guy who is so enmeshed in the third dimension!” Barbara

“...Thank you for the wonderful work you've done creating these booklets. I have already been able to release an old and painful relationship. I still need to work on it, but your wisdom and guidelines/Keys are and will be of a great help. I feel confident that this is what I've been looking for. Your booklets explain things so clearly. I look forward to the journey and for the first time I am not afraid to face the pain and fears. I realize it is going to be a lot of work but I feel I am finally ready.” Kit

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