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The Mission Remembered

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The Mission Remembered, Book 2

  • Do you have a purpose for being here, a divinely inspired mission?
  • Does it involve helping humanity at this time?
  • If so, have you discovered your mission, or are you still waiting for it to unfold?
  • How will you know what your mission is when it does manifest? 

Many of us have come from the future into the past on a mission. We have come to change the course of humanity.   By healing the pain of our past, we ensure a future where that pain is no longer repeated.  Such was the mission of Jelaila Starr.

Describing in her own words her collaboration with the Nibiruans, a highly evolved off-world group historically connected with Earth, Jelaila reveals the grand and the glorious as well as the oh-so-painful moments involved in carrying out that mission.  Whether you are aware of your mission, or have your boots squarely stuck in the mud, this book will help you find your way.  Journey with Jelaila through the events of our galactic past.  Allow the stories to spark the long-forgotten memories hidden in your DNA…and awaken the mission codes within you.

From the author…

Deep within us all is a powerful urge to contribute to something greater than ourselves—a divine purpose, a mission.  Additionally, for many, that urge is intimately connected to the knowing that we are not from here.  Is it time to remember…and, in remembering, discover your galactic roots and the reason you are here?  If so, then come—travel with me.  Together we will explore the past and in doing so, define your mission.  Then, when you mission is done, you’ll know how to find your way home.

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